Our Extended Family

Hey, family. This site is for you.. if you want to put something up on the web you can do it here or I can help you do it here. Just let me know.

I currently have some content up for Mike, Tom, Mary , Jim, Heather and Ruth.

John and Joy's Wedding

For information about John and Joy's upcoming nuptials take a look at their area - look in Ohio in the main menu above.

Where's Chuck

2010 and our old friend and diving buddy, Chuck Herman aka Captain Caveman, took some time to travel. A motorcycle based odyssey across the United States with a flying, side trip to New Zealand. Take a look at 'Where's Chuck' for details of his travels and some great pictures.

Here it is, February of 2012, and Chuck is again roaming. This time he is prowling Europe. Take a look at 'Where's Chuck Now' for details of his new adventures.